Original Murano Glass or chinese fake?

How to recognize the original Murano glass?


Is there a safe way to recognize an original Murano glass from a fake?

There is a trademark, the Murano Artistic Glass, created by Promovetro.

original murano glass

The Promovetro consortium was born from an initiative of a group of craft enterprises engaged in the production of artistic Murano glass. Over the years it has become an important reality, so much so that its partners include the two largest trade associations in the sector: Confartigianato Venezia and Confindustria Venezia. Today it represents the most important Murano and Venetian artisan and industrial companies (Here you can find the list of companies).

It is a collective brand created by the Veneto Region with the law n. 70 of 12/23/94 and certifies that the products are made on the island of Murano. This brand guarantees me the safety of the purchased of a product made in Murano according to traditional Murano working techniques. 

Fake or authentic Murano glass?


Unfortunately, however, the situation in Venice is not the most optimistic and the fake Murano glass has invaded the city. The shops in Venice are covered with glass imported from abroad, Eastern Europe and China in the first place.

Obviously, in spite of any type of rule, they are labeled without problems as Made in Italy or Murano glass. But it is not too difficult to mask them.

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But there is not only Murano glass and Chinese glass.

There is not only black and white. The world of Murano glass is characterized by innumerable shades. There is not only Murano glass produced in Murano.

Many glass masters or manufacturing companies, although they use original glass rods produced in Murano, open their laboratories and their offices in the mainland, or even outside the province, outside the region. Some even abroad.

It goes without saying that any type of glass produced outside the island of Murano cannot boast the Murano artistic glass brand.

But can it be considered fake Murano glass?


In my opinion, no, it is not “fake” glass. Glass, considered as a raw material, is Murano glass. The quality level and the colors of the glass are the same as those of branded glass. in any case in Italy, thus being able to be called Made in Italy products.A different ethical discourse can be made for glass bought in Murano and worked abroad.

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