How to recognize stores that sell fake Murano glass?

Not sure where to buy Murano glass in Venice? Are you afraid of buying items made of Chinese glass sold as genuine Murano glass?
Don’t worry, I’ll give you some advice now.
In Venice, glass shops are all very similar, but with a little attention you can notice some differences.
Generally the stores that sell imported glass have all the same features:
First of all the prices. When the prices are really too low, it cannot be Murano glass.
They are aesthetically very full and messy. They all look like glass supermarkets, selling small pieces of objects or pendants clearly intended for tourists.

  • They do amazing discount, from 30% – 50% up to 70%.
  • They are all the same and all have the same things.
  • They areall ┬áin the main streets where tourists are pushed along the route from Piazzale Roma to Piazza San Marco.


murano glass shop

How to defend yourself then and what to do in order not to run into a colossal rip-off? If you want to buy real Murano glass I suggest you to follow these tips:

First of all, don’t buy your glassware in the first stores you find on the route from Piazzale Roma to Piazza San Marco. Lista di Spagna has a density of shops of objects in exaggerated glass compared to the rest of Venice. And very few save it.

Do not believe the signs displayed on shop windows that declare unrealistic discounts.

Look for shops that are special, different from the others, with customized showcases, and that sell items with the Vetro Artistico di Murano trademark. There are some small shops where the craftsman works glass in the shop.
Do not follow the routes designed for tourists. It deviates from the most banal road, lose to Venice. Pack the narrowest and most unknown streets and let them carry you. Surely the shops you will find in the secondary streets will be more authentic than those located at strategic points for tourists.

beautiful murano glass