Murano glass chandeliers: the market.

Murano glass chandeliers, with their decorations and splendid variety of colors, make up the most important part of Murano glass production.

The value and beauty of glass chandeliers is recognized all over the world, making them highly sought-after objects and real status symbols especially abroad. A Murano glass chandelier is a design element, shaped by a unique raw material, which takes on both a decorative and functional role in our home and in our spaces.

Today, unfortunately, like all Murano glass objects, the Murano glass chandeliers on the market can also be fake or counterfeit.




Murano chandelier glassworking

There are many processing techniques with which the master glassmakers give shape to glass chandeliers.

The main technique used for the processing of glass chandeliers is the processing of blown glass.

A delicate procedure that only a few master glassmakers can perform to perfection. Subsequently, with the use of watermarks the so-called “lace effect” is created inside. The Murano glass chandeliers made with the blowing technique are among the most complex because the glass is worked by hand with very thin thicknesses (in the order of tenths of a millimeter). Once the final shape is obtained, the piece is placed in a 450 degree oven and left to cool gradually for 24 hours so that it is hardened and solidified.

On the contrary, the technique of plate glass is the most recent, and requires that gold or silver leaves and pieces of Murrina are spread on a glass plate to form a design on which a second plate is placed. Everything is left in the oven overnight, until it becomes a unique piece.

The Murrina glass technique is the most complex: first, cut the colored glass sticks into small pieces, place them inside the molds until a drawing is made. Finally it is left in the oven overnight, until everything has solidified into one piece.



lampadario vetro murano originale

How to recognize a Murano glass chandelier.

Now that you understand how Murano glass is made (otherwise you can read our GLASS WORKING section) it will be easier for you to recognize its originality and you can pay attention to all the little details that will help you choose your chandelier.

First of all, touch the Murano glass chandelier: you will notice that there are small bubbles inside the material, the surface will be slightly uneven, the glass will be very bright, light and of a bright and homogeneous color.

Then observing the processing of the details, you might notice some “defects” due to the fact that each object is handmade.

An authentic product is always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with the words “Vetro Artistico di Murano”, a trademark registered by the PROMOVETRO consortium.

Warning: any product with a different design is different it is probably a counterfeit product.

Another sign that certifies the authenticity of the artifact is the signature of the glassmaster xho created it. By now most glass masters apply their signature to their creations.

Why buy a Murano glass chandelier.

Why should you buy a Murano glass chandelier for your interior spaces?

First of all, each glass chandelier is a small piece of art. A valuable element that can furnish a room by itself.

The production of Murano glass chandeliers can satisfy any stylistic need. The classic Venetian chandeliers, the characteristic Venetian crystal chandelier with arms composed of blown glass elements and decorated with pendants and multicolored flowers.

But for customers with more modern tastes, chandeliers with contemporary and design lines exists.

lampadario classico ca rezzonico murano