Did you break your glass object? Not sure how to glue Murano glass?

What is the best glass glue? It is well known that pasting Murano glass when it breaks is not a simple thing. Glass is a material on which the most famous glues on the market fail very often.

Unfortunately, if a glass object falls, and the glass breaks into 2 or more pieces, it will never return as before. The fracture will always be seen.

But if the fracture point is clean, or if some glass component has been unglued from other types of material, gluing can always be used.

This article was born to help you.

During the years I spent working for a company that produced glass objects, I very often had to glue two pieces of glass, or glass details on metal elements. I used different types and brands of glues, more or less famous, more or less technological methods, ultraviolet ovens.

However, my favorite product is UHU two-component glue. This in my opinion is the best Murano glass glue.




I mainly use two types of UHU two-component glue as appropriate:

I have to glue the glass on a smooth surface that can easily remain on for many hours: classic two-component Uhu (the one with the green package).
I have to glue the glass on an uneven surface and I can’t keep it in place: rapid two-component UHU (the one with the blue package).


The bonding of the glass with laying: two-component UHU

Surely this is the best method. If you have the opportunity to have your objects pasted, leaving them in place for a few hours, you will no longer have any problems. And the two-component UHU is the top.

Here is the procedure:

  • I prepare my work table with a sheet of paper to protect it from glue stains. On the position sheet all the necessary: ​​the two-component glue tubes; saucer and spatula that I find in the package (a paper cup with a toothpick is also fine); and the pieces to be glued.
  • I open the tubes of bicomponent glue and towards a small quantity, in equal measure for both types of glue, in the plastic plate. If you need to glue a few pieces, I recommend that you prepare a few pieces at a time as, as the minutes pass, it tends to become filamentous.
  • With the spatula I mix the two components well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  • With the spatula I take some of the product and distribute it on the surface to be glued. Council to position the glue by making circular movements to avoid smudging.
  • I place the glass component taking care to make it adhere well.
  • I leave it on for at least 3 hours. Better 12.




Your object is pasted (and will remain so for a long time).


Glue for Murano glass fast bonding: fast UHU


Unfortunately, more often than not, the position of the glass fracture, or the shape of the object itself, does not allow it to be left in place for hours.

In this case we must necessarily resort to quick-setting glue.

The procedure is the same as for the glue, but the drying times are notably shortened. Obviously, consequently, the time available to carry out the gluing process is also reduced.

Just wait 5 minutes and the object will be glued.




As I anticipated, in my 12 years of experience in the field of Murano glass I have tried other techniques and other brands of glue for glass. below I will list some of them quite good, even if the best, in my opinion is of the UHU.

  1. For the bonding of Plexiglas and glass together good products are Bostik Salda Rapido, if you want to obtain a rigid bonding, or Bostik Poly Max Cristal for a more elastic bonding.
  2. Tesa Glue for Fixing for Transparencies and Glass. A silicone glue that does its job very well. Excess is removable with acetone.
  3. Saratoga glass super glue for glass bonding   metal with glass.